Tufts Medical Center – Physician Referral Campaign


Tufts Medical Center - Physician Referral Campaign


GOLD - Healthcare Advertising Awards
GOLD - Aster Awards




Responsible for: Art direction, design, and the development of all digital components.

Originally Tufts was looking for a simple brochure which highlighted the level of quality and ratings at Tufts Medical Center to send to their network of physicians, the New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA). This brochure needed to include data from other Boston area hospitals, but we wanted to make Tufts stand out. So I designed and developed an eye-catching brochure with a cutaway on the cover to reveal the Tufts data column. The design is very graphic and received a lot of positive feedback from the organization.

We then pitched the idea of developing a physician referral kit (a collection of materials that could be distributed to referring physicians). These kits could include note pads, white boards, sticky notes and other items that would make the referral process a lot easier for physicians and the patient. So we expanded the look of this brochure and branded all of these materials for the physician liaisons to pass out to referring physicians. I developed a microsite to serve as the “hub” for all of the information so that, if the physicians ran out of materials, they could order more.


To see the website and view all of the materials, visit TuftsMCQuality.org.

I also developed two consumer-focused landing pages where patients can gather more information – one for Tufts Medical Center (TuftsMCWelcome.org) and the other for Floating Hospital for Children (FloatingHospitalWelcome.org).

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