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GOLD - Aster Awards


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Responsible for: Rebranding, strategy, concept & development, design, art direction on video production, and art direction (UX/UI) development on all digital work.

When I began working at Jennings in 2011, their brand look and feel seemed a bit outdated. We worked to evolve the brand and reposition the agency as a healthcare marketing firm. Rebranding the agency’s identity included alterations to the logo, color palette and all other marketing materials. In addition, I played a large role in developing the new Jennings website, its strategy, user experience and design. You can view the new, responsive website at

In addition to focusing on healthcare I spent a large portion of my time helping the agency develop and brand what is now known as Physicians In Focus; a video tool for marketing physicians. It originated as a tool for marketing physicians to patients with the idea that it brought the static “physician finder” to life. It gives patients an opportunity to meet and possibly choose their physician before seeing them for an office visit or procedure. Since then it has evolved as a tool for physician recruitment and retention. To learn more about Physicians In Focus, visit

Below is a video I helped concept and art direct to help promote Physicians In Focus. It gives a “behind the scenes” approach to the process and pay-off. This video also won a gold Aster Award.

I have also included a few samples of marketing materials I created to help promote the new video product. Enjoy.

(ABOVE: Physicians In Focus promotional video.)


(ABOVE: Physicians In Focus direct mail marketing pieces.)


(ABOVE: Physicians In Focus dimensional popcorn piece for handing out at conferences and trade shows.)




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