Sentinel Process Systems


Sentinel Process Systems



Responsible for: Strategy, concept development, creative direction of rebrand, and redesign (UX/UI) for the new website.

Sentinel Process Systems is a distributer for high-purity solutions for the clean manufacturing industry. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?

Sentinel originally came to us for a rebrand. After a lot of research into the brand, and since they weren’t changing their name, we found value in the meaning of a sentinel. They oversee and protect your business. They keep watch on your machines and equipment so that if you need a part, Sentinel has your back. With that being said, we gave them a fresh look. The client wanted to keep the icon of the sentinel man but the logo and website designs we have come up with are definitely taking the brand into a space they want to be in – a corporate, global brand with any and every product you need, with an approachable feel.

We took the established brand look & feel and have carried it into a number of collateral pieces to include an overview brochure and sell sheets, as well as into their trade show presence. We also redesigned their website which is currently in development but you can click on the image below to see a static PDF containing a few of the designed pages.



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