Tufts Medical Center – Pediatric Affiliation Campaign


Tufts Medical Center - Pediatric Affiliation Campaign


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Out of Home

Responsible for: Art direction, design and development of all digital work (web banners not shown).

The challenge with this campaign was to bring an awareness to the community that pediatric hospitalists were available to families in the community. But how do you bring awareness to a concept when a large percentage of the target audience has no idea what a “hospitalist” is? We too were still trying to get a clear understanding of the role of a hospitalist.

The solution was easy. We would educate the audience as we educated ourselves. And since we were dealing with pediatrics, I decided to take a more “learning” type approach to the art direction, using the “ist” at the end of the word to break out into different descriptions about the type of care children could receive, thanks to having hospitalists in the community.

From that idea the concept has grown with the options to highlight any specialty, or specialist, as shown in the additional print ads below. But really, the options are endless… neonatologist, cardiologist, etc. The concept has the ability to adapt to whichever specialty the client would like to showcase.


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